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Ever had doubts? Concerned with what you have been learning?
Do you wonder if you're getting the full picture?



orig_iphone_youtube_logoThank you for visiting x, this has been put together to assist you to make choices, you can choose to read the resources provided here or choose not to. No-one here is making any assumptions about anybody’s belief system or criticizing, simply presenting information or providing links to some valuable information. What you do with the information is up to you.

Whatever stage in life you are in, you are always being presented with choices. Jehovah’s Witnesses however base their decisions on information provided to them. Where has that information come from? The Bible? The Watchtower? The Faithful and Discreet Slave? The Governing Body? Bethel Writing Department? How do you know?

x is in no way comprehensive, the internet is full of useful information on these subjects, we wanted to put together a site that provides useful links to help you in your choices. Why not read some of the small articles above, or visit our resources page.

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