What type of personality do you have? Many have placed people’s personality  characteristics into 5 categories:

  • Extrovert – this person gets excited, is sociable, assertive and has high amounts of emotional expressions
  • Agreeable – this person has attributes such as trust, kindness and affection.
  • Conscientous – this person is thoughtful and goal directed, they tend to be organised and study the details
  • Neurotic – this person experiences anxiety, can be moody, irritable and sad
  • Open – this person has great imagination and is insightful, often having a broad range of interests.

Whatever personality type we are, do you think it can be taken over and changed into something else? Jehovah’s Witnesses certainly do, in fact the scriptures say to ‘strip off the old personality and put on the new’. In doing so however, have you considered the true effect this can have?

Do you think that you could be told something as being truthful and really believe it, even when the evidence shows otherwise?

In order to do this, Jehovah’s Witnesses, along with many other organisations use the BITE model. This is well documented, however the following video can help you understand how you can be taught to believe something even when your personality and your mind does not want to accept it.

It was made by someone questioning their Mormon beliefs, and is video 7 in a series:

If you have watched the video you may now be wondering how could you have been controlled without even realising it? It is easy really, just as a magician may amaze you with a trick, it is only an illusion. He gets you to look at one thing in order to distract you from what actually happens. Can this be done on a worldwide scale, with millions of people? Of course it can!

  • Try and think about what you have been taught as truth.
  • Now prove it to yourself.

Use all the evidence, see if you can de-construct the teaching, as you would a magic trick. Do you accept evidence provided with the The Watchtower without checking out the evidence as being correct? How do you know it to be truth?